What’s up with u, Apple??

I mean, seriously, I expected a fully-functional, multitasking-enabled, OS X-powered tablet computer from these guys. What I expected would’ve been priced just over the entry-level MacBook (about $1,200), and it would’ve had USB ports, hopefully a firewire (even a 400 would’ve been fine), It would’ve supported the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Mouse (maybe even backwards compatible with the Mighty Mouse), and it would’ve been the one computer you can use not only at home and in the office but also while you commute between those locations.

What we got was a color screen, overpriced, widget-enabled ebook reader… in other words, a 9-inch ipod touch, which name can be easily confused with a feminine hygiene product!

C’mon guys, you’re making me less of a fan by the day!! set the record straight and revamp it big time or make a high end spin-off with the features everybody wanted!

And always remember: its better to underpromise and overdeliver than doing it the other way around!


Never did I say it was a bad product! I think the iPad is a wonderful addition to the ebook readers lineup in available now in the market, and has so much more capability than most other readers (in despite of some flaws).

What I meant was that I wasn’t really expecting an ebook reader, but a fully-featured tablet computer running OS X. Plus, if we take on account that this has been on the works since 1998, I think it isn’t too much to expect a really revolutionary product, is it?


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