Dreams vs Goals

This week has been quite interesting for me. It made me evaluate many things i’ve been through lately, and deeply analyze the outcome of my decisions.

There are many things you may want, but not all of the time you work to obtain. These things are dreams. Either because you find it too difficult or because you’re not willing to do what it takes, it is very unlikely they’ll be anything more that that: dreams.

There are some other things, though, that you want too. These things, however, you’re willing to work for and there is a desire to get there. Sometimes it is more because of the achievement than the thing itself. These things are called goals. They’re more important than dreams for many reasons, but mainly because you enjoy the road that takes you there maybe as much as (if not even more than) the actual goal itself.

Therefore, I think I’ve found what for me is the difference. A dream is something you want and that’s it, while a goal is a dream with a route map and a deadline.

What’s in your head right now? A set od dreams or a set of goals?


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