Cut the “everything is racism” bullshit already.

It is time to put a fucking end to this racism over-sensibility bullshit RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Like millions, I saw this @DaveAndBusters tweet today:

I am a “latino”, born and raised entirely in Panama City, Panama, although you’d never guess if you spoke with me over the phone. And wanna know something? I do not feel offended by this tweet AT ALL.

Was it appropriate? Nope. Was it positive for the brand? No. Are they going to get nice, thankful comments for it? Not a chance. HOWEVER, while at a professional level –leading a social media-heavy digital communication operation for 17 brands in 7 countries– I do not consider the tweet a success, on a personal level I feel no offense while reading it. Moreover, I even consider it a fun pun. Clever and creative? Far from it. Yet kinda fun.

The REAL problem is we are just TOO FUCKING SENSITIVE to this racism shit. Racism is only a problem if we allow it to be a problem. As a society, we just have to get the fuck over it. PERIOD.

P.S.: NO, @DaveAndBusters social media guy/team/people: i am not defending you nor stating that what you did was awesome, so don’t take it that way.

UPDATE: I am WAY more offended by the senseless & stupid lack of punctuation of the apology tweet. Now THAT infuriates me!


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