Bose QuietComfort 35 [Extended Review]

I’ve been using these babies for quite a while now, since November 2016. Almost half a year later, i can say these are hands down THE BEST headphones I’ve ever had.

First, the fit: the fact that these are over-the-ear (vs being on-ear) means you won’t get tired using them. Then, they’re so light that you can really get used to them (like in those 10+ hrs flights i must take to go to the #MWC, the #IFA and other conventions), and the connecting band makes some clever use of memory foam to ease the long hours of use.

As far as features go, unlike its predecessors, the QC25, these CAN be used when the rechargeable battery is entirely depleted, losing only the noise cancelling capability, but retaining the ability to play music with the great sound you would expect. Speaking of battery and noise cancelling, it works amazingly well, yet without gimmicks such as Sony’s pause on hover and all. Battery life is 20h for Bluetooth+Noise cancelling and 40h for cable connection + noise cancelling. There is no way to disable noise cancelling while using the wireless connection, although you can use it via cable with and without the noise cancelling by just turning it on or off while on cable.

Qualitywise, these are second to none. The sound is only what you can expect from such a high-end brand, and I’ve been told it is only comparable to Sony’s #mdr1000x, but @sonylatin hasn’t given me the chance to try those yet.
As far as software goes, the non-mandatory Bose Companion app is really good if you’re into playing and customizing your own EQ (which, as it is to be expected with this brand, has really extensive equalization capabilites), but otherwise you can do without.

For just under USD $400 (tax included), these are basically the top of the line and one of the (if not THE) best consumer headphones on the market right now, and it’s really easy to see why they’re the ones most often seen used by frequent travellers.


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